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tο the balcony of the Thessalian plain

In the village of Thrapsimi, on the mountain slope of N. Agrafa, there is the brand new Menelais Guesthouse ready to give you moments of relaxation and harmony.

The Balcony of the Thessalian plain

Modern and Spacious Apartments

The guest house consists of 7 fully equipped two-room apartments of 4 keys. The quality of the infrastructure and the decoration of the interiors cover the needs of the modern traveler. All our apartments have large bright bedrooms with different decoration, fully equipped kitchen, orthopedic mattresses, two air-conditions, two TVs, internet access and fireplace.

Ιdeal Getaway for the Weekend

One of the important advantages of the geographical location of our hostel is that it is far from the noises and the intense rhythms of the city. For this reason, Menelais is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a break from everyday life or for those who want a romantic outing with their partner.

All-Season Relaxation Destination

Menelais hostel is ready to welcome you 365 days a year and to introduce you to the secrets of nature that never sleeps, does not rest and does not submit. It is your warm refuge in winter, when everything around is dressed in white. It is your cool hangout in the summer after an intense day of activities in nature. It is a nostalgic observatory in the fall. And it is definitely the ideal base in the spring, for getaways in the whole area of Agrafa.

Smokovo's Thermal Springs

Combine the mountain excursion with the Thermal Baths. At a distance of 20 minutes drive from Menelais Guesthouse are the Smokovo Thermal Baths. The Thermal Baths are "hidden" in a green ravine, at an altitude of 450 m and are 6 km from the village of Smokovos (Loutropigi). The thermal waters gush from five springs at a natural temperature of 37 to 40.2 ° C and are channeled to the hydrotherapy center. They are characterized by sulfide-alkaline composition, light smell of hydrogen sulfide and are considered one of the best in Greece. The thermal springs are recommended for respiratory diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, myalgias, skin diseases, and gynecological diseases. The treatment with thermal water has been known in our country since ancient times not only on an empirical but also on a scientific level, a fact that is proved by the great involvement of the ancient Greeks with the thermal waters and their properties.